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Last year, Google released a beta version of a new ad type called performance max. Following positive beta results, the Google team will begin rolling out this feature to all advertisers worldwide on November 2, 2021. Read more it

What is the Performance Max Campaign? 

Google Ads Performance Max is a new automated campaign that should be used in combination with your core keyword-based search campaigns. For advertisers, it’s a new way to buy and optimise ads across all Google Ads inventories, including YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Google Maps, rather than having to create specialised ads for specific channels. 

It lets you maximise performance and deliver results against the goals that matter most to you across Google’s full range of channels, inventory, and formats with the help of automation and Smart Bidding.

How does it work? 

Advertisers upload creative assets like images, videos, ad copies, and logos into the asset bank, and Google’s machine learning systems serve responsive ads in various ad formats and optimise ads for you across the channels based on your business goals, prospects you’d like to reach wherever they happen to be on the web.

You must provide some foundational information about the campaign when setting it up, such as marketing objectives, target audience, budget, call to action, defining conversion goals, target location, and audience demographics. This will help performance max campaigns make the most of your budget and deliver better expected results.

Here are the top advantages of performance max campaigns

  1. Retailers and local businesses benefit from Performance Max since they can now run local campaigns on platforms like YouTube, Search, and Discover.
  2. You’ll get better outcomes in a shorter period of time. Because machine learning can automatically target people, create and optimise your ads, and also optimise your budgets. 
  3. Will appear on the Google Ads insight page, which displays trending searches, auction insights, and interest forecasts based on the account.
  4. Google’s real-time understanding of user intent, activity, and context can assist you in identifying new audience segments and serving more relevant ads to them.
  5. By offering high-quality creative materials and information about which audiences are most likely to convert, automation can help you achieve greater outcomes.
  6. Another benefit for local businesses is that smart shopping and local campaigns can be upgraded to performance max campaign types by next year to enhance sales and conversion rates.

Performance max campaigns appear to be a game changer, particularly for local and retail businesses. Before attempting to use any features, it’s always a good idea to test them out and seek advice from Google Ads specialists to see if they’re appropriate for your type of business or target demographic.

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