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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Linkedin Insight Tag

LinkedIn Ads is highly effective for reaching a professional target audience and it provides different ad types that can be adapted based on your campaigns goals. To improve and track the performances of the campaigns, first it’s very important to gather accurate data. 

Linkedin insight tag provides both conversion tracking & the ability to build retargeting audiences from your website visitors. So, before you begin implementing LnkedIn Insight tag on your website, first you need to understand a little bit about it.

What is Linkedin Insight Tag

LinkedIn Insight Tag is a small piece of JavaScript code that you can add to your website to enable in detail a LinkedIn campaign performance report and unlock valuable insights about your target audience behavior on your website. 

How Does Linkedin Insight Tag Work

When a user clicks on your LinkedIn ads and lands on your website, the LinkedIn Insight tags loads to collect user information and report the action. It enables the collection of data about the user like website page visit, IP address, devices, location, browser, time and user browsing pattern on the website. Insight tag stores the user information for 90 days. 

LinkedIn does not share any personal information with website owners until you fill out forms; it only provides reports and alerts, as well as browsing patterns, which it uses solely for advertising purposes.

Linkedin Insight Tag Benefits

Here are the top 8 benefits using LinkedIn insight tag on your website.

  1. Help you to track conversion 
  2. Track cost per lead (CPA) calculate ROI and find out which campaign, ad type or content is giving you better CPA and ROI 
  3. Help you to take data driven decision based on the accurate data 
  4. You can use website traffic to create remarketing audiences
  5. It enable you to show personalized ads to your remarketing audiences
  6. You can get a detailed insights on your audience demographics and interests 
  7. Help you to optimize campaigns for better performance 
  8. You can use custom audience data for excluding individuals

How To Install Linkedin Insight Tag Through Google Tag Manager

If you are not a developer like me then Google tag manager is a great tool to implement LinkedIn insight tag on your website without touching your source code and you can create custom events. 

If Google tag manager is installed on your website, here is the step by step guide on how to Set up Google Tag Manager on your website in three different methods. 

Here, I will walk you through how to implement a LinkedIn insight tag with a Google tag manager account. 

  1. Log in to the LinkedIn campaign manager with your LinkedIn account
  2. Select the account –> Click on the account assets 

linkedin Account

3) Click on the Insight Tag

4) Click on Install my insight tag

Install Linkedin Insight Tag

5) You will see 3 options to instal your Insight tag, here select “I will use tag manager” and copy your partner ID

Linkedin Insight Tag partner ID

6) Login in to your Google tag manager account 

7) Click on your account and then your container where you want to install Insight tags

LinkedIn Insight Tag with Google tag manager

8) Give a name to your tag  Ex: yourwebsite Insight Tag

9) In the Choose Product section, click on the LinkedIn logo.

10) Insert your LinkedIn partner ID and save the tag

Install Linkedin Insight tag with GTM

11) In Triggering, select all page views and submit & publish your tag 

How to check Linkedin insight tags

LinkedIn Pixel Helper by Pearmill is a chrome extension, it helps you to verify & troubleshoot installation of LinkedIn tags & events correctly on your website.

  1. Download LinkedIn Pixel Helper by Pearmill chrome extension 
  2. Once your download extension, don’t forget to pin that extension in your browser 
  3. On the same browser, visit your website and lick on the LinkedIn Pixel Helper by Pearmill extension, If it’s green than you have successfully installed LinkedIn insight tag

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